Houston Oaks

A Rich History…. A Promising Future

Houston Oaks (formerly Tennwood Golf Club) has a deep and fascinating history as the worldwide gas control facility and recreation getaway of Tenneco Oil and Gas Company from the 1950’s through the 1980’s, followed by El Paso Corporation in the 1990’s. Many golfers and their families have enjoyed the course through the years with memories about grand picnics, fireworks shows and days spent relaxing on this beautiful property.

When owned by Tenneco, an extensive underground bunker facility was built in order to maintain and monitor the company’s global gas operations. Today this bunker facility has been converted to the Training Center for The First Tee program at Houston Oaks. The office building is being converted to a dorm facility for  occasional overnight camp activities and other overnight needs.

The Club was a semi-private golf facility until May 1, 2010 when current ownership converted it to an exclusive private membership club. It is the vision of the owners to revere the past, yet create a one-of-a-kind family golf and recreation mecca for generations to come.