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Celebrating Passions at The Clubs at Houston Oaks

Some of the most valuable and sought-after items for the discriminating wine collector are rare, unique, and vintage wines. Not only do these wines add to a collection, but they also make excellent gifts during the holidays or any time good friends gather for relaxation and celebration. The Wine Club at Houston Oaks is pleased to offer the most exciting and dynamic wine experiences for our members and guests. Whether you’re a wine novice or an experienced and knowledgeable wine connoisseur, Houston Oaks has events and programs designed with your enjoyment in mind. Check out our offerings. 
Legacy Wine Lockers
Join the Legacy Wine Locker program, and you’ll have access to a reserved, personal wine locker in the Legacy Boardroom. Use your locker to store all the fine wines you purchase via our in-house Wine Director. Your wines will be available to enjoy at your leisure in the Boardroom or our Main Dining Room. 
Vintner Club
Members of the Vintner Club enjoy many additional benefits including discounts for wine dinner events, an invitation to unique wine tastings every quarter, and priority access to all allocation wines, including large formats. Houston Oaks maintains the wine Tasting Room inside the Retail Wine Shop, and Vintner Club members are given priority when reserving this special entertainment venue.
Private Wine Label Program
One of the many advantages of membership at Houston Oaks is participation in the Private Wine Label Program. The Club is unique in that we have established partnerships with leading wine makers from around the world who develop and supply us with exclusive, one-of-a-kind wines created expressly for our members. Wine lovers of all stripes enjoy this distinctive Club benefit.
Etched Expressions
For a truly exceptional gift, personalize your favorite wine by etching the bottle with your special and unique message. The Wine Club offers bottle etching on most current releases. An etched bottle of fine wine is a wonderful gift for the holidays, corporate events, or any occasion. Our staff at the Wine Club will be happy to work with you to design and customize your bottle of wine.  
Homeowner Wine Concierge Service
Houston Oaks Estate residents enjoy a special benefit. The Club is pleased to offer to these homeowners assistance with selecting, purchasing, and managing their collections of fine wines. Our wine team is ready and available to consult and assist with obtaining any special variety or difficult-to-find wines from select wine regions. Talk with us today, and we will help you build an outstanding collection. 
Retail Wine Shop
At our Retail Wine Shop, you’ll be able to pick from a large selection of mainstream and vintage wines including many labels difficult to find anywhere else. Our in-shop Tasting Room provides a perfect place for members and guests to sip, share, and procure distinctive wines selected specifically for the Clubs by our Wine Director. We operate the Shop in conjunction with our special Bunker 55° dining and wine storage venue.
Bunker 55°
The Wine Club is one of the most unique in the country. It hosts an excellent assortment of dining venues, all of which are serviced by our extraordinary wine ‘cellar,’ Bunker 55°, which possesses remarkable features and a remarkable history. Seeing our exclusive Bunker 55° is itself worth a visit to Houston Oaks.

The history of Bunker 55° has some interesting twists. Originally the Club property was owned by oil giant and conglomerate, Tenneco (Tennessee Natural Corporation). During the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, the company built an extensive underground bunker facility, not to house wine, but for maintaining and monitoring the company’s global gas operations. In 1996, El Paso Corporation bought all of Tenneco’s gas operations, which included what is now the Club property. Later (2010), the Club procured the facility, which included the underground bunker located beneath the current, Houston Oaks Hotel. 

The above-ground portion of the building has been renovated to serve as a first-class hotel for members and their guests. The underground bunker, however, is being transformed into a premier Napa Valley-style wine cave hosting wine storage units, a private dining room, meeting spaces, and a lounge area.

Bunker 55° is the ultimate wine storage solution for the serious wine collector or any avid wine connoisseur. Nowhere in the city will you find a wine storage facility to match Bunker 55°. The Club’s facility is designed to maintain ideal wine storage conditions: a perfect temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit, with an ideal humidity of 70 percent. Because of this, the Bunker offers perfect storage: cool and dark to allow for optimal maturation as well as security, with convenient and easy access. We manage and care for your collection, giving you the freedom to be creative and build a library that perfectly fits your palate. 

Members now have an opportunity to secure storage space reservations, beginning with bunks holding 450 bottles up to as many as 5,000 bottles. Also, the Bunker area redesign includes not only the wine storage facility, but also a private dining room, bar, and event meeting spaces. The unique ambiance of the Bunker 55° facility needs to be experienced to be appreciated. We believe it is worthy of being called a Napa Valley quality wine cave. Visit us to see for yourself.
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